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An Indian Marriage - Part I

Meeta was a 23-year-old girl raised in rural India. She had quit school early on and spent most o...

2018-10-11 Views: 11 Vote: 0

Fun On The Bed - Part II

Leroy seemed to be in good spirits as I escorted him to our front door: "Damn man, your wife...

2018-10-11 Views: 21 Vote: 0

Fun On The Bed - Part I

I opened the door to the bed room and shuffled in. Instinctively I moved towards the right side o...

2018-10-11 Views: 26 Vote: 0

Tracy's First BBC - Part III

With the last news out of Traci's mouth being that she has fantasized for years to not only h...

2018-10-11 Views: 32 Vote: 1

Tracy's First BBC - Part II

As the week went on, there was a sexual electricity in the air between Traci and I that lingered....

2018-10-11 Views: 36 Vote: 1
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Top Stories

Black Boss - Part III

Views: 597599 Vote: 5

David Saunders took his beautiful wife Karen home after the humiliating

scene at the factory office. The next day was Friday he did not have the

courage to face either his white co-wor...

Petty Cash - Part I

Views: 480976 Vote: 3


I pushed the window over to the side and clicked back on the one containing my work. Lifting my head, I looked one had seen anything. My desk was situated in a position in a...

The Vicar's Wife - Part XXI

Views: 331475 Vote: 2

was a family tradition. They always dressed for Christmas dinner. It was the only time the family sat around the dining table in the beautiful state room of their stately home. Usually set for twen...

A Welcome to Cuckoldry

Views: 282117 Vote: 53

“Cuckoldry can be great fun. Get involved in grooming her for her dates. Trimming her pubic hair, for example, can be a very strong submissive experience when you know that in a few hours anot...

Bitch training

Views: 139538 Vote: 4

Contrary to what some think, learning to be a hot wife, to play and then live the life of the bitch doesn't come easy. Its not something necessarily inbred, or instinctive, and its not there in the...